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2011 July 11

Esteemed Friends, Advisors, Volunteers,

We hope this bulletin meets you very enthusiastic in your own mission and responsibilities in life. We write to you from Santiago, Chile, South America. NIOS is such a wonderful vehicle for contributing to positive change in the world.

  • Now we are participating in the educational developments in ISKCON, the Hare Krsna movement, for systematic study of such classical literature as Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam.

  • We are working to publish a book in homage of Professor Samaresh Bandhyopadyay, who recently finished his distinguished career as Professor of Ancient Indian History and Culture at the Calcutta University.

  • We are working to organize NIOS’s Annual Symposium on Cultivation of the Human Spirit in Tennessee. This Symposium is expanding every year and this year we hope to include a discussion on Friday night, 9th September, centered around Professor Ron Messier from Murfreesboro’s Middle Tennessee University and Professor Ravi Gupta from William Mary College. The theme this year is, What is an Educated Man, with focus on introducing fundamental reading of classical religious texts in the public schools, such as the Koran, Bible, Dharma-pada, Bhagavad-gita. The popular argument developing amongst the theological community is that our students can read Mein Kampf of Adolph Hitler and Das Kapital of Karl Marx, but they can’t be given a chance for intelligent introduction to the Bible or other very important literature.

  • We have produced three movies based upon the classic, Light of the Bhagavata, and are now starting one based upon the classic iconography of Radha and Krishna as executed in Peru with the esteemed Peruvian cinematographers Oscar Natars and Rodirigo Otero.

  • Numerous other events in South America as well as the Rathayatra in Nashville are happening.

  • Soon we hope to have all these publications and DVDs available at a regular Bhati Bazaar.

To get more involved please write to our Secretary Thanu Subramaniam at: ;

Or our good selves, Hanumatpresaka Swami (Professor H. H. Robinson) at:

Thank you very much.

Applying the wisdom from the past in the current moment to build a better tomorrow.


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