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Chandra Namaskar

Chandra Namaskar – Like Surya Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar is also very important. In this also there are 12 kriyas, (somewhere 14 verbs are also described) which have 12 mantras.

Chandra Namaskar

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These mantras can be chanted with each asana. Although each asana has its own importance, but if these asanas are done in a sequence, then after their completion, the benefits of those asanas increase, so the seeker must take advantage of the benefits of Chandra Namaskar.

About 500 years ago, in the Shiva Samhita, lunar energy has been told. We can get this energy in our life through Chandra Namaskar. These asanas of 10-15 minutes give us Health, Peace, Imagination, Energy and Radiance. It is also effective in reducing obesity. Due to the coolness from them, the nervous system also benefits.

Chandra Namaskar Steps :

First Stage / Hastha Utanasana (Raised arms pose) :

Method – Stand facing the moon in Tadasana position. Keeping both the hands up, bend the part above the waist as far back as you can. Keep both hands open towards the sky and chant Om Chandraya Namah in your mind.


Second Stage :

Method – Now bending the hands and the upper part of the waist in front, keep the hands parallel to the feet. Touch the head with the knees, but do not bend the knees. Now chant Om Somay Namah.

second pose

Third Stage :

Method – After this, take the left leg back and keep it straight vertically. Then, bending the knee, put the full weight of the body on the right leg and keep both hands on the right foot and chant Om Indrave Namah in the mind.

3rd pose

Fourth Stage :

Method – Now where the toes of the feet are, keeping them fixed at the same place, stand in such a way that the knee of the left foot touches the ground and the right knee makes a right angle. Now while raising the hands, bend the upper part from the waist backwards and chant Om Nishakarai Namah in the mind and stay for some time.

fourth pose

Fifth Stage :

Method – Now as in the third position, instead of the right leg, take the right leg back giving full weight on the left leg. Fix the heel of the left foot and both the hands on the sides of the toes of the left foot and chant Om Kalabhritaya Namah.

fifth pose

Sixth Stage :

Method – Now as in the fourth position, while giving weight on the left leg, stand in such a way that the knee of the right foot keeps touching the ground and extend the hands upwards. Now chant Om Sudhadharai Namah and stay in this state for some time.

6th pose

Seventh Stage :

Method – After this, stabilize both the hands on the ground and take the left foot near the right foot. While in this situation, impose a punishment and chant Om Nishapataye Namah.

seventh pose

Eighth Stage :

Method – After applying a punishment, keep both the knees on the ground in the same condition and touch the ground with the forehead by bending the head down. Keep the position of both the hands as it is and chant Om Shiv Shekharai Namah in your mind.

8th pose

Ninth Stage :

Method – In the same position, now raise the hands upwards along with the head. Keeping the upper part of the waist straight, bend backwards. Keep your hands towards the sky and sit on your ankles on your knees and toes and chant Om Amritdidhiteye Namah.

9th pose 1

Tenth Stage :

Method – Now place both the hands on the ground in front at a gap of one and a half feet. In the same situation, apply one more punishment and in the same method, while sitting on the toes and hands, lift the knees above the ground. After this chant Om Tamoghnaya Namah in your mind.

10th pose

Eleventh Stage :

Method – After this, without moving the hands back and forth, toss both the feet and do it between both the hands and sit by giving weight on the toes. Instead of the palm, the fingers will touch the ground. The weight of the buttocks will remain on the heels. Now chant the mantra of Om Rajarajaya Namah in your mind.

11th pose

Twelfth Stage :

Method – Now finally stand straight in the same position. Join both the hands in front and chant Om Shashank Devaya Namah.

Thus it becomes one frequency, so do 5-6 repetitions. If you feel tired, take rest in the shavasana position.

twelfth pose

Timing – Just as Surya Namaskar is done especially in the morning, similarly Chandra Namaskar should be done in the evening.

Direction – Since the energy of the moon and its benefits have to be assimilated. Therefore, the direction in which the moon rises should be chosen.

Chandra Namaskar Benefits :

  • Although each asana has its own importance and also has its own benefits, but by doing its full frequency, many benefits are obtained simultaneously.
  • The body is beautiful, strong, curvy.
  • The abdominal region gets the benefit. Constipation, acidity, indigestion etc. are removed.
  • The body becomes radiant and radiant.
  • Mental peace and coolness is attained.
  • There is no laziness, pride etc.
  • Makes the whole body healthy.

Note : In some yoga centers, the method of Chandra Namaskar is done in different ways.

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