Meaning of Yoga

Meaning of Yoga – The general meaning of the word yoga is to unite, to unite, to unite or to unite. The Etymology of Yoga in Sanskrit is believed to be from the root yuj, the word “Yuj” after the root of the word “Yuj” and by adding the suffix Dhana in the expression.

Meaning of Yoga

In Sanskrit, the use of the metal Yuj has been used for conjunction in Rudhadigana, “Yujir Yoge”. “Yuj samadhau” for samadhi in Divadigana. In Churadigan, it is used for restraint “Yuj Samyamane”. The word Yoga is derived from adding Dhana suffix to the root “Yuj” described in these senses.

The practical meaning of the word yoga is very wide. Its scope is also very wide. Thus yoga has different meanings.

Yoga is the functional form of Sankhya. Yoga is a universal religion free from all religions, sects, differences of opinion and arguments, which teaches to get the knowledge of the element (soul) through one’s own experience and leads the seeker to his ultimate goal (moksha).

Meaning of Yoga | Definition of Yoga :

The different definitions of yoga and the comparison in different texts are as follows.

  • According to Vedanta : Yoga is the union of the soul and the Supreme Soul as a whole.
  • By renouncing the physical intellect, that is, by removing the sense of motherhood from the body, to generate self-consciousness is yoga.
  • According to the Samkhya doctrine : “Pumprakrityogepi Yoga Ityabhidhiyate” Purusha, establishing the separation of Prakriti and separating the two and establishing the nature of Purusha is yoga.
  • Yoga Karmasu Kaushalam : The skill of action is also yoga.
  • Gita : The union of prana and apana, the union of the moon and the sun, the union of Shiva and Shakti is also called yoga.

The need of yoga in the present context :

Yoga is needed more today than ever before. Earlier the environment, environment, food, lifestyle, everything was very natural as compared to today, but today the polluted environment, polluted environment, fast food and packaged food items, food without vitamins and protein, changing environment and perverted mentality all these has affected our overall health.

Today there are many facilities where scientists have provided. At the same time, their opposite effect has provided negativity to our health.

Because of all these things there is a great need for yoga education today. Because through yoga we can give right thinking and true guidance not only to the present generation but also to the coming generations.

Meaning of Yoga | What does Yoga do? :

It is difficult to tell what yoga does. This can be known only after using it. Nevertheless, we have tried to convey this point in few words.

When engaged in the path of yoga practice, there is benefit in diseases of the abdomen like indigestion, anorexia, indigestion, constipation, gas, sour belching etc. Fatal diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease can be avoided by the diet mentioned in yoga.

The feeling of peace and contentment naturally gets absorbed in life. Sadhak stays away from deceit, lies, theft and characterlessness. Due to which morality develops both at the individual and social level.


Yoga provides us with physical prosperity as well as mental strength. Which gives relief from mental stress. We can also increase our memory capacity through yoga nidra, and meditation. Yoga increases our efficiency and efficiency phenomenally.

Through yoga, the circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system and excretory system of our body become active. It has been proved from scientific tests that the physical dysfunction and mental instability that occur with age can be diagnosed by the practice of yoga. Through yoga, we can remove our negativity and develop our curative power.

Meaning of Yoga | What is Yoga? :

If we consider on the basis of the four letters of the English alphabet YOGA, then it will be clear to us that what is the meaning of separating these four letters.

Y – Yield = What results does yoga provide to a person?

O – Obtains = What new achievements do a person get from yoga?

G – Give Up = What can a person give up through yoga?

A – Attains = What does a person ultimately get from yoga?

Yield (What results does Yoga Provide to a Person?) :

  • Keeps the breath control physically strong.
  • Meditation provides mental stability. Helps in creating emotional balance – there is no worry about honor and humiliation in happiness and sorrow.
  • Feeling good psychologically, being happy in life, connecting well with society, feeling satisfaction with welfare works.
  • All eternal values, truth, religion, peace, love and non-violence make our life always happy and by following these spirituality is realized.

Obtains (What new achievements a person gets from yoga?) :

  • Through this purposeful life is created and the direction of life is determined.
  • Through this, awareness, consciousness, awareness remains in the person. By which he is aware of the deeds, thoughts etc. done by him, he lives like a conscious, principled and good person.
  • By this a person becomes concentrated through deep meditation and he renounces the ego by surrendering himself to the Almighty.
  • This creates a tendency in the person to work in a systematic and planned manner.
  • A sense of positivity, creativity and detachment is created in the person.

Give up (What can a person give up through yoga?) :

  • Bad habits, bad tendencies, drug abuse, problems caused by a fragmented personality in a person – whatever harms him, he gives up all of them.
  • His negative and destructive thinking gradually starts to end and he starts having proper knowledge about himself.
  • Attachment in worldly things, gluttony of money, desire for prestige, concern for fulfillment of needs, etc. gradually decreases.
  • He gives up unwanted and irrational actions and thoughts, which not only cause harm to himself and also spoil the environment of the society. Therefore, by doing yoga, the purity of the mind increases.

Attains (What does one ultimately gain from Yoga?) :

  • All-round health is attained, the body remains strong, the mind remains calm, happiness is attained from all sides and spirituality is attained.
  • Skills are developed in life, life becomes quality, qualities of a good person are born, excellence is visible everywhere, every environment is attractive, life is rhythmic and juicy, there is a desire for perfection, life is filled with love.
  • The mind remains happy, life is seen in every living being, there is joy in living life, there is an exchange of feelings.

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