Neti Kriya

Neti Kriya – Neti is a very old means of this. Renowned Yoga Therapist Yogiraj Swami Lalji Maharaj told some special methods of nasal sanitization Neti literally means to clean the nose. Nasal cleaning can keep the entire respiratory system healthy, including the eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, throat and brain. There are many procedures like Jal Neti, Rubber Neti, Sutra Neti and Ghrita Neti. Patients with nose bleeds, severely blocked nostrils, swollen nose or runny nose should not try the neti procedure.  

Neti Kriya

Table of Contents

  1. What Neti kriya? :
  2. Benefits of Jal Neti Kriya :
  3. Benefits of Milk Neti kriya :
  4. Types of Neti Kriya :
    1. 1. Water Neti Kriya :
    2. 2. Sutra Neti / Rubber Neti Kriya :
      1. Meaning and method of Sutra Neti –
      2. The method of sutra neti action is as follows –
      3. Benefits of doing Sutra Neti Kriya –
      4. Precautions in Sutra Neti Kriya like this –

What Neti kriya? :

While breathing, we also inhale pollution, dust particles, germs. In such a situation, nature has created a filter system in the nostrils to prevent any foreign matter from entering our lungs. The curly hairs and mucous membranes of the nose are designed to filter out any type of virus. In such a situation, cleaning the nostrils from inside is very important. The main purpose of this action is to purify the nasal passages. By doing this the impure and incompletely opened nasal doors will open completely.

Due to which the irregularity of breathing is removed. That is why it is also called a nasal cleansing exercise. Various techniques are used to do this This exercise style is highly beneficial in relaxing the muscles. Due to this, the blood flows well in the facial muscles and the face looks bright. It is able to give relief from anxiety and depression. It also controls the nervous system

Benefits of Jal Neti Kriya :

  • Kapha dosha is quenched by the practice of Jal Neti.
  • Eye light increases
  • Useful in diseases related to eyes.
  • Beneficial in asthma
  • Intellectual
  • Hair problems
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Sleeplessness
  • Ear discharge
  • Allergies
  • Cold
  • Cyanosis
  • Najla
  • Beneficial in ear diseases

Benefits of Milk Neti kriya :

  • Eye light increases
  • Useful in diseases related to eyes.
  • intellectual
  • Hair problems
  • frequent sneezing
  • sleeplessness
  • ear discharge
  • Beneficial in ear diseases

Types of Neti Kriya :

There are two types of neti

  • Water Neti
  • Sutra Neti / Rubber Neti

1. Water Neti Kriya :

Neti with salty water  

Technique :   Fill a specially made vessel, a neti-pot, with hot salted water. The temperature of the water should be 38-40 centigrade and 1 liter of water has about 1 teaspoon of salt mixed in it. * Tilt the head over the washing vessel (such as a tub) and slowly insert the tube of the neti pot into the right nostril. Give (resulting in the closure of the nostril.) Turn the head slightly forward and at the same time tilt the head to the left so that the water flows out of the left nostril. Keep breathing with open mouth. Pour out about half the water filled in the neti-pot with the right nostril.

Now slowly insert the tube of Neti-pot into the left nostril and tilt the head to the right, so that the water comes out from the right nostril. When this process is over, then by the Kapal-Bhati-Pranayama technique, remove the residual water from both the nostrils.   To complete the purification of the nose, close one nostril and exhale forcefully through each nostril 3-5 times through the other nostril (as you would blowing your nose). During this action, it is necessary that the mouth remains open to prevent water from entering the ears.  

neti kriya image

2. Sutra Neti / Rubber Neti Kriya :

Meaning and method of Sutra Neti –

In Sutra Neti Kriya, if you want to purify your body, then the easiest way is Sutra Neti. To keep this human form machine functional, it needs to be cleaned and purified. The external purification of the instrument of the human body is done through asanas. For purification, we have to do many types of actions. Breathing is done through the nostrils, which is very important for our life. Humans should also learn to do Kriyas after Pranayama, this activity is a bit difficult, but when we do it regularly, we learn it slowly.

This is a vital path and for its purification, one has to do salt action. When we practice it regularly, by doing it, we get rid of cold, cough, insomnia and also the effect of oxygen in the blood going to the brain. By doing this action, we can easily control our mind. After asana, pranayama, we should do kriya. When we do this action, we get benefits very quickly. There are mainly six activities in yoga: Tratak, Neti, Kapalbhati, Dhauti, Bastee, Nauli.

The method of sutra neti action is as follows –

Sit down on the first toes. Now put one end of the formula inwards through the right nostril. Push it gently 2 inwards into the nostrils. When the end of the sutra is felt in the throat, then hold the end with the index finger and thumb of the right hand and gently pull the sutra. Take care that the nose end will be held. Now holding both the ends, do 2 movements slowly, that is, move them back and forth so that the nasal passage can be cleaned. After that take out the sutra from the nostril itself. Now repeat it from the left side.  

1. To perform this action, take a little thick but soft thread whose length is about twelve inches or one and a half feet and take care that they can easily go into the hole of your nostril.

2. Now soak this thread in lukewarm water and put one end of it in the nostril and take it out from the mouth.

3. Do this process very carefully. Then holding the ends of the mouth and nose, slowly pull up and down two or four times.

4. After this, it should be done in the same way with the other nostril.

5. This action should be done after one day.  

Benefits of doing Sutra Neti Kriya –

There are two types of neti, water neti and sutra neti. Through both these nets, the nostrils are made clean and the breath is made smooth, by doing this our body gets many benefits, which is like this, by the practice of this action, the nasal passages are cleaned.  Very beneficial in allergies of tonsils and nose. It stops early cold or excessive sneezing. Along with this, there is no disease of ear, nose, teeth, throat etc. and the eyesight also becomes sharp.

By doing this, there is no complaint of cold and cough.   When we do this action, the heaviness and stress of our mind goes away, due to which our mind remains calm, light and healthy. When we do this action, our nasal passages are cleaned and we do not have to face diseases of our ears, nose, teeth, throat etc. By doing this, our eyesight becomes sharp. When we do this action continuously, we do not have complaints of cold, cold and cough. This action proves to be very beneficial for our entire body.

Precautions in Sutra Neti Kriya like this –

Especially the nails of the fingers of the hands should be cut, otherwise there may be injury in the throat. Women should not do this in pregnancy. Heart patients or slip disc patients should not do it. Do not do it in serious diseases related to nose. Do it under the guidance of a yoga teacher.

It is difficult to perform this action, so whenever we do it, first of all we should practice it with neti made by rubber. Whenever we are doing this, then this action should not be hasty. Because doing it with haste can cause damage to our nose. Whenever we want to do this action, a few drops of pure desi ghee should be put in the nose at night.

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