Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama – Kapalabhati (kapala means “skull” and bhati means “to shine or to be lustrous”) is said to make the skull shine by cleansing the nasal passages and sinuses and ultimately supplying the brain with fresh, oxygen-rich blood. It also cleanses the throat and lungs and stimulates the abdominal muscles and organs.

Most of the many yoga breathing practices emphasize muscular control during inhalation, not exhalation. Kapalabhati reverses this pattern: here it is the exhalation that is active, and the inhalation passive. And unlike most yoga breathing exercises, kapalabhati is initially energizing rather than calming; cleansing and heating, rather than cooling.

 How to do kapalbhati Pranayama :

Sit comfortably keeping the spine straight.
1. If you are sitting in a chair, make sure to keep both feet on the ground.
2. Take a deep breath in through both nostrils before you begin.
3. Simultaneously push the stomach inwards.
4. Expel all the air from your lungs.
5. Repeat this cycle for 10 times, then let your breathing come back to normal.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Miracles of kapalbhati :

Kapalbhati is effective for weight loss
Obesity is the root of many serious diseases. If you ask any yoga guru about the best exercise for weight loss, without any hesitation they will say Kapalbhati. Yes, this is the best way to lose weight fast. And it’s completely natural. Many studies have proved that people who do Kapalbhati daily have reduced their weight by more than 5 kg in less than 45 days. Many yoga gurus recommend this best yoga technique for weight loss.

If you are one of those people suffering from obesity, then try this breathing technique to reduce your body weight. For better results, you can also try other yogasanas like Vajrasana, Halasana along with it. Make sure you follow a good vegetarian diet as well. And if you can strictly follow these, then you can lose more than 10 to 15 kgs in 45 days.

Kapalbhati Cures Constipation :

Constipation is a big problem for many people. In the problem of constipation, the fire of digestion is not so good and due to which the process of digestion slows down. Constipation not only occurs in old people but is also a problem for children and some young people. Constipation can lead to unhealthy lifestyle, various allergies, post-operative diarrhoea, bloated stomach and many other health problems.

Although there are some medicines to cure constipation, most of them are not good for long term use and have many side effects. Therefore, Kapalbhati Pranayama is one of the best natural remedies for people who are facing constipation problem. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes depending on your ability. Your constipation problem may get better in 7-14 days. Also try Vajrasana and Surya Namaskar along with it for better results.

Kapalbhati Effective in the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer :

This fact may seem a bit shocking. But according to a recent study, researchers had found that Kapalbhati Pranayama is effective in the treatment of breast cancer. The major causes of breast cancer are obesity, female gender, lack of any kind of exercise, alcohol consumption and many more. Breast cancer is a major health problem among women in the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and some other western countries.

They spend millions of dollars on breast cancer treatment. Breast cancer can be cured naturally with the help of Kapalbhati. But remember that breast cancer should be in an early stage. If it is in the last stage, there is no chance of profit.

Kapalbhati Prevents Hair Fall :

Using Kapalbhati can also prevent your hair from falling prematurely. You may be a little surprised by this benefit of Kapalbhati, but it is 100% true. This yoga increases the blood flow to the scalp and strengthens the hair roots. If the hair roots are strong, you will never experience hair fall. So if you are aiming for strong and long hair, practice this breathing exercise daily for a few minutes.

Kapalbhati improves Blood Circulation :

Low blood circulation can cause many problems, such as skin allergies, cold hands, hair fall, dry nails, etc. This can sometimes lead to a serious health condition and you may need some advanced treatments. But before it gets worse, take some action.

Kapalbhati Pranayama is a good yoga technique to cure low blood circulation (low blood pressure). It improves blood circulation throughout the body and keeps you healthy. So from today itself, start doing it for 3 to 5 minutes in the morning or evening. Do Anulom Vilom Pranayama along with this exercise for faster benefits.

Kapalbhati Strengthens the Abdominal Muscles :

During Kapalbhati, we forcefully exhale the breath from the body and during this process we forcefully push the stomach inwards as well. As we keep pushing and relaxing, the muscles around the abdomen get exercised. And that makes them strong.

Natural Remedies for Weakness of Nerves :

Weakness of nerves is a common problem seen in many people today. People of almost all ages face this problem due to improper consumption of food, excessive stress, less sleep and unhealthy lifestyle. This further leads to fatigue, low energy levels, headaches, impotence, infertility and many other problems.

And according to many yoga gurus, Kapalbhati Pranayama is an ideal breathing exercise to cure the problem of weakness of nerves. With this pranayama, almost all the nerves of your body become active and also become stable. According to reports, the weakness of nerves can be completely cured by practicing Kapalbhati Pranayama continuously for 25 to 30 days.

Kapalbhati Cures lung Problems :

In this highly polluted era, 10 out of every 100 people suffer from different types of lung problems. The reasons can be many such as smoking, alcohol consumption, dust pollution, body fat – but you should be careful. Weak lungs can be life-threatening.

So if you are one of the people suffering from weak lungs and other lung problems, practice Kapalbhati daily in the morning and evening. All minor lung problems can be cured in less than 30 days. But do consult your doctor. It is not recommended for people suffering from severe lung diseases as it is difficult for them to practice. You can also do Anulom Vilom with it for better results.

Kapalbhati treats Problems of Periods (menstruation) :

Kapalbhati Pranayama is indeed a gift for women. This simple breathing yoga exercise works like magic for many ailments commonly seen in women. Many women have the problem of irregular menstruation. Sometimes they are very fast and sometimes they are slow.

Sometimes irregularities are seen in periods. For this they run after various drugs and medicines. But do you know that by practicing this pranayama continuously for 10 to 15 days, this problem can be cured naturally without any cost. Yes, it has been tried by thousands of women and this yoga has worked successfully for many of them. Even Swami Baba Ramdev has mentioned this in one of his Hindi speech videos. So now it’s your turn to try it once.

Kapalbhati Cures Kidney Stone Problem :

Kidney stones have become one of the most common diseases these days. It is affecting everyone from old people to young people. Although these problems can be treated, big hospitals charge a lot for it. But small kidney stones can be cured by doing Kapalbhati Pranayama. Yoga gurus like Swami Baba Ramdev have treated many people with this problem. Of course, you also need to follow some good remedies and suitable ayurvedic diet to cure it completely.

Kapalbhati increases the Immunity Power of the Body :

Low immunity power is the main reason of various diseases people get with fever, sinus, cough and other easily. Even many serious diseases can be caused by low immunity. The more immunity power you have, the healthier you will be.

Whatever capsule or tonic you use to attack these diseases, it is meant to boost your immunity. And how about if you can boost your immunity at home for free? For this, all you have to do is practice Kapalbhati Pranayama 3 to 4 times daily.

Kapalbhati Sex increases Stamina and Sperm Count :

Kapalbhati Pranayama is also known to increase sex mood and sperm count. Yoga gurus suggest it to overcome infertility, impotence and other sex problems. Practicing this pranayama daily keeps the areas around the abdomen fit and helps in performing well during intercourse. It calms your mind and enhances your sexual mood and libido.

Kapalbhati Beneficial for Bone Strength :

Low levels of calcium in the body can cause osteoporosis. And we usually see these bone problems in older people and women. For this, doctors suggest the consumption of some calcium pills and other calcium-rich foods. Apart from consuming these, practicing Kapalbhati can also increase the level of calcium in your body and make your bones stronger.

It not only makes your bones strong, but it also helps in fighting other diseases related to bones. helps. Just try doing this for two weeks and you will be amazed with the results.

Effective in Uterine lumps (fibroids) in women :

Uterine fibroids are a common problem seen in women. Fibroids are lumps that develop in the muscles of the wall of the uterus. This increases the size of the uterus, causes heavy bleeding, pain while having sex and some other problems. For this, doctors suggest some western medicines and in some cases they decide for surgery.

Baba Ramdev has said that those people can be cured by Kapalbhati Pranayama. He himself has mentioned this in his Kapalbhati Hindi speech. But the patient should do it more often. This should be done continuously for 15 minutes (900 exhalations) without any break. The more dangerous this disease is, the more often there is a need to exhale.

Kapalbhati beneficial in curing acne :

With the help of Kapalbhati yoga, you can also treat your acne. Acne is a scary dream for many young boys and girls. And they spend most of their time searching for effective ways to cure them. You no longer need to search for any cosmetics to cure acne. You can fix it yourself at your home without spending a single penny on it. Yes, you have to do Kapalbhati for 5 to 7 minutes depending on your energy.

While doing this, you exhale forcefully and this causes a huge amount of blood to flow into the face. With this, all the impure elements of the face are cleaned and acne is cured. With this simple technique, all your acne problems will definitely be cured.

Kapalbhati Slows Down Aging :

Almost all pranayama yoga techniques are capable of slowing down the aging process. And among them, Kapalbhati canKapalbhati slows down aging
be known as the king. Anti-aging is one of the best benefits of Kapalbhati. People who practice this yoga breathing exercise look 8 to 10 years younger than their age. It is a scientifically proven yoga technique.

Kapalbhati Cures Acidity Problem :

Wrong eating habits and eating at the wrong time can cause acidity problem and can put you in trouble. And this leads to indigestion, heartburn, burning sensation in the stomach and sore throat, stomach problems. Even for this you do not need to run after doctors and medicines. Just do Kapalbhati daily for 5 minutes and in less than 2 weeks all your acidity problems will go away.

Kapalbhati Increases the Energy level in the Body :

If you are one of the people with low energy level, then you need this breathing exercise. These days people get tired quickly and become weak. They run after many energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and many more to get energy. Or they often drink soft drinks or drink sherbet. But they are unaware that this simple yoga breathing technique can increase their energy level by up to 3 times compared to those artificial energy drinks.

Effective for Natural Glow of Skin :

If you are searching for any of the best yoga breathing techniques for glowing skin naturally, then Kapalbhati is a great option for you. Kapalbhati means the glow on the forehead (skull). So why delay, just try this simple breathing technique from today and make your skin glow in less than 3 weeks. For better results try the yoga of anulom vilom along with it.

Prevents Premature Graying of Hair :

If you can look closely you will find that these days almost all men and women are suffering from the problem of premature graying of hair. Our hair is losing its original color and starts turning gray or white at the age of 20 and 22. Kapalbhati works well for this problem as well. Along with this, you can also try Balayam (yoga technique of rubbing nails for better results).

Kapalbhati Calms the Mind :

Thinking too much can cause mental stress and can lead to many mental problems. To avoid this, breathing exercises are the best natural remedy. And out of all the breathing techniques, Kapalbhati works best for this. So just practice it for 5 to 10 minutes and feel the peace hidden inside you and feel the bliss.

Kapalbhati Beneficial to Treat Stress and Anxiety :

Mental illnesses like stress and anxiety can be caused by increased work pressure, mental stress and other bad lifestyles. This is completely normal and you do not need any medicine for these. Doing Kapalbhati daily can make a big difference in your life and you can be relaxed to a great extent.
Use of Kapalbhati cures insomnia
Although there can be many reasons for insomnia (sleeplessness), most of its causes are related to the mind. If your mind is calm and perfect, you can sleep soundly. If it keeps bothering you, you can’t sleep. So for this problem, practice Kapalbhati for 8 to 10 minutes in the evening. It can cure insomnia well.


Bastee Kriya

  Bastee Kriya – The act of doing enema during hatha yoga is called bastee kriya. This action is the action of purification of stomach and rectum.   By Bastee Kriya, the stool is completely cleared from the intestines. Basti Kriya is helpful in curing stomach related diseases.

By doing this action, sleep gets better and laziness also goes away. Diseases like piles are cured by this action.    The meaning of Vasti is ‘lower part of abdomen’. In Vasti Yoga Kriya, it is practiced to clean the lower part of the abdomen, especially the digestive system. This is an ancient action of cleansing the intestines. In Vastikarma, water or air is drawn into the large intestine through the anus and then it is expelled. This helps to clean the lower part of the large intestine.  

Bastee Kriya

What is Bastee Kriya? :

Basti Kriya is a bit difficult to do in the beginning, so it is good to do it in the presence of a skilled instructor to start it.   Doing it with its regular practice gives a lot of benefits. The settlement process is done in two ways, water settlement and land settlement.   The purpose of Basti Kriya is to remove toxins from the body and cool the body.

How to do Bastee Kriya? :

In ancient times, the settlement process was completed by sitting on the banks of the river. With the help of nauli, water was drawn into the intestines and then it was thrown back into the river. Today this method is used as an enema to clean the lower part of the intestines.

Doubt Clearing :-

This method is practiced in the morning on an empty stomach and the first three times of course this practice is done only under the guidance of a teacher “Yoga in Daily Life”.

Method :-

Make 6 to 7 liters of water lukewarm to 34-40 centigrade. Add half a tea-teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water (if you have high blood pressure, use food salt.) The water temperature should remain the same throughout the exercise.

Drink all the water rapidly, one by one glass. After every glass, stretching and twisting exercises, such as Trikonasana, Triryak Bhujangasana, right-left twisting of the body, Meru Prajasana and Tadasana, should be practiced in these five asanas.

After the fifth glass, go to the toilet and do Ashwini Mudra (quickly contracting and opening the muscles of the anus). This pose encourages the wavy movement of the intestines.

Continue to drink glass after glass of warm salted water and do all the five asanas and Ashwini mudras, till the solid stools are completely removed. This process is completed when completely clean water starts coming out from the stomach in the form of defecation. The color of the water may be slightly yellow, but there should be no solid part in it.

After this clean the stomach, food pipe and throat tubes with the help of Dhauti (but without salty water). Lastly, do Jal Neti to avoid headache. After the doubt-practice practice, rest for one hour. Cover your body well, but do not allow sleep.

Caution :-

The following food is important. Khichdi should be eaten after about 1 hour after doubt-Prakshalana – it can be prepared before rest.

Making Khichdi :-
Put two cups basmati rice, 3/4 cup peeled moong dal, half a tea-teaspoon ground turmeric, half a teaspoon white cumin and salt in a vessel, cover them with thrice water. Let it boil till it is cooked and ready. Now serve by adding a big spoon of butter or adding ghee. This food is able to form a protective membrane on the intestinal tract, so one must eat as much as possible. Do not drink water for two hours after having this meal.

In the coming weeks, eat only fast-digesting food, as the intestines become very soft after this practice. Avoid milk, cheese, raw fruits, greens, vegetables, black tea and coffee for seven days. Avoid gas-producing foods such as legumes, cabbage, cabbage, ginger, onions, hot pulses and carbonated drinks for 20 days. Do not take meat, fish, eggs, alcohol for at least 40 days. However, it is best for our health to avoid them altogether.

In order to encourage the wavy movement of the intestines, it is advised that the Nauli of Agnisara Kriya should be practiced daily after the Shanka Prakshalana method.

It is normal that after this practice there is no need for any kind of retrieval for the next 2-3 days. In the early morning of the 5th day, you should drink warm, unsalted water (4 to 5 glasses) and after every glass do the same exercises that are done after doubting.

Shanka Prakshalana should be practiced four times a year at the time of change of season. This is the time of physical change within us. Alternatively, this method can be practiced at least twice a year, from mid-October to early November, mid-March to early April.

Benefits of Bastee Kriya :

Benefits of Bastee Kriya

  1. clear stomach
  2. All types of diseases of the stomach are cured.
  3. The large intestine is cleansed and its power increases.
  4. All the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) are cured. Hunger increases.
  5. The body becomes lighter. The mind remains happy.
  6. A healthy person must take enema once or twice a month.

Nauli Kriya

Nauli Kriya is the fourth action of purification of Shatakarmas. In this action that increases gastric fire, the abdominal muscles are massaged and the activity of the abdomen increases. Nauli Kriya is beneficial in stomach related diseases and intestinal problems. There are many benefits of doing Nauli Kriya. It strengthens the digestive system, removes the problem of indigestion and increases appetite.

Nauli Kriya

What is Nauli Kriya? :

In Nauli Kriya, the muscles of the central part of the abdomen are operated like a churn. This action is definitely a bit difficult, but with constant practice you can do it well, while doing Nauli Kriya, your eyes should be towards the stomach.

Kundalini awakening occurs due to excessive practice of Nauli Kriya, hence Nauli Kriya is also called Shaktichalini. On full practice of Nauli Kriya, a powerful yogic force spreads in the body, through which Basti Kriya and Shankh Prakshalan are proved. And the body starts glowing clean and radiant without disorder.

In the beginning, doing Nauli Kriya may seem a bit difficult, so you can practice Agnisara Kriya instead of Nauli Kriya, but if the seeker wants spiritual experience then he must learn Nauli Kriya. So let’s know the method of doing Nauli Kriya.

How to do Nauli Kriya? :

  1. To perform this action, sitting in the position of Padmasana, keeping both the knees pressed with both hands, keep the body straight.
  2. After this, take the breath out and pull it inwards keeping the abdominal muscles loose.
  3. Now, keeping the muscles loose, move the stomach to the right and left. Due to this, any kind of dirt does not remain in the stomach and Apanavayu comes under control.

Types of Nauli Kriya :

Kinds of Four Types of Nauli Kriya –

1- Uddiyana Bandha

2- Vamannauli

3- Dakshin Nauli

4- Madhyama Nauli

  1. Uddiyana Bandha – Pulling the navel in by forcefully expelling the air from the mouth is called Uddiyana Bandha.
  2. Vamannauli – When Uddiyana Bandha is fully engaged, release the muscles in the middle of the abdomen. These abdominal muscles will look like a long tube. Move them to the left.
  3. Dakshin Nauli – After that take it to the right.
  4. Madhyama Nauli – Keep it in the middle and churn the muscles by moving rapidly from right to left and from left to right. Do this as long aso you can do it easily.

Benefits of Nauli Kriya :

  1. Nauli strengthens the abdominal muscles
  2. Massages the intestines and lower abdominal organs.
  3. it regulates blood pressure
  4. Possesses protective dietary effect against diabetes.
  5. This acid is helpful in curing colic and skin diseases (acne).
  6. Nauli is one of the best exercises for our health with a positive effect on the entire digestive system and removing blockages.
  7. Many diseases have their origin in our digestive system: headaches, skin diseases, sometimes even cancer.

Practise of Nauli Kriya :

Nauli is a powerful exercise for regenerating , invigorating and stimulating the abdominal viscera and the Gastrointestinal or Alimentary system. For the Practice of Nauli, you should have a good practice of Uddiyana Bandha. Stand, legs a foot apart and rest your hands on the thighs with a slight curve of the back. Do a strong and forcible expiration through the mouth and keep the lungs Completely empty . Contract and forcibly draw the abdominal muscles toward s the back . This is Uddiyan a Bandha .

This is the first stag e of Nauli –
Then let loose the centre of the abdomen an dcontract the left and right side of the abdomen. You will have all the muscles in the centre in a vertical line. This is called Madhyam a Nauli. Keep it as long as you can retain in the position comfortably . Then you can Release the muscles and inhale .

This is the second stage of Nauli –
After some practice, contract the right side o f the abdomen and let loose the left side free. You will now have all the muscles on the left side only. This is called Vamana Nauli . Again contract the left side an d let loose the right side.

This is Dakshina Nauli . By such gradual practice, you will Understand how to Contract the muscles of the Central, left and right side of the abdominal muscles from side to side .

Practise like this for a few days.

Then draw the muscles in the Centre. Slowly move them to the right side and then to the left side in a Circular way.
Do this several times from the right to left and then do it in a reverse way from the left to right side. You should move
the muscles always with a circular motion slowly.

When you advance in the practice you can do it quickly. This last stage of Nauli will appear like ‘Churning’ when the abdominal muscles are isolated and rotated from side to side.
When Nauli is demonstrated by advanced students, you will be surprised to observe the movements of the abdominal
muscles. It will look as if an engine is working in the abdominal factory.


Neti Kriya

Neti Kriya – Neti is a very old means of this. Renowned Yoga Therapist Yogiraj Swami Lalji Maharaj told some special methods of nasal sanitization Neti literally means to clean the nose. Nasal cleaning can keep the entire respiratory system healthy, including the eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, throat and brain. There are many procedures like Jal Neti, Rubber Neti, Sutra Neti and Ghrita Neti. Patients with nose bleeds, severely blocked nostrils, swollen nose or runny nose should not try the neti procedure.  

Neti Kriya

What Neti kriya? :

While breathing, we also inhale pollution, dust particles, germs. In such a situation, nature has created a filter system in the nostrils to prevent any foreign matter from entering our lungs. The curly hairs and mucous membranes of the nose are designed to filter out any type of virus. In such a situation, cleaning the nostrils from inside is very important. The main purpose of this action is to purify the nasal passages. By doing this the impure and incompletely opened nasal doors will open completely.

Due to which the irregularity of breathing is removed. That is why it is also called a nasal cleansing exercise. Various techniques are used to do this This exercise style is highly beneficial in relaxing the muscles. Due to this, the blood flows well in the facial muscles and the face looks bright. It is able to give relief from anxiety and depression. It also controls the nervous system

Benefits of Jal Neti Kriya :

  • Kapha dosha is quenched by the practice of Jal Neti.
  • Eye light increases
  • Useful in diseases related to eyes.
  • Beneficial in asthma
  • Intellectual
  • Hair problems
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Sleeplessness
  • Ear discharge
  • Allergies
  • Cold
  • Cyanosis
  • Najla
  • Beneficial in ear diseases

Benefits of Milk Neti kriya :

  • Eye light increases
  • Useful in diseases related to eyes.
  • intellectual
  • Hair problems
  • frequent sneezing
  • sleeplessness
  • ear discharge
  • Beneficial in ear diseases

Types of Neti Kriya :

There are two types of neti

  • Water Neti
  • Sutra Neti / Rubber Neti

1. Water Neti Kriya :

Neti with salty water  

Technique :   Fill a specially made vessel, a neti-pot, with hot salted water. The temperature of the water should be 38-40 centigrade and 1 liter of water has about 1 teaspoon of salt mixed in it. * Tilt the head over the washing vessel (such as a tub) and slowly insert the tube of the neti pot into the right nostril. Give (resulting in the closure of the nostril.) Turn the head slightly forward and at the same time tilt the head to the left so that the water flows out of the left nostril. Keep breathing with open mouth. Pour out about half the water filled in the neti-pot with the right nostril.

Now slowly insert the tube of Neti-pot into the left nostril and tilt the head to the right, so that the water comes out from the right nostril. When this process is over, then by the Kapal-Bhati-Pranayama technique, remove the residual water from both the nostrils.   To complete the purification of the nose, close one nostril and exhale forcefully through each nostril 3-5 times through the other nostril (as you would blowing your nose). During this action, it is necessary that the mouth remains open to prevent water from entering the ears.  

Neti Kriya

2. Sutra Neti / Rubber Neti Kriya :

Meaning and method of Sutra Neti –

In Sutra Neti Kriya, if you want to purify your body, then the easiest way is Sutra Neti. To keep this human form machine functional, it needs to be cleaned and purified. The external purification of the instrument of the human body is done through asanas. For purification, we have to do many types of actions. Breathing is done through the nostrils, which is very important for our life. Humans should also learn to do Kriyas after Pranayama, this activity is a bit difficult, but when we do it regularly, we learn it slowly.

This is a vital path and for its purification, one has to do salt action. When we practice it regularly, by doing it, we get rid of cold, cough, insomnia and also the effect of oxygen in the blood going to the brain. By doing this action, we can easily control our mind. After asana, pranayama, we should do kriya. When we do this action, we get benefits very quickly. There are mainly six activities in yoga: Tratak, Neti, Kapalbhati, Dhauti, Bastee, Nauli.

The method of sutra neti action is as follows –

Sit down on the first toes. Now put one end of the formula inwards through the right nostril. Push it gently 2 inwards into the nostrils. When the end of the sutra is felt in the throat, then hold the end with the index finger and thumb of the right hand and gently pull the sutra. Take care that the nose end will be held. Now holding both the ends, do 2 movements slowly, that is, move them back and forth so that the nasal passage can be cleaned. After that take out the sutra from the nostril itself. Now repeat it from the left side.  

1. To perform this action, take a little thick but soft thread whose length is about twelve inches or one and a half feet and take care that they can easily go into the hole of your nostril.

2. Now soak this thread in lukewarm water and put one end of it in the nostril and take it out from the mouth.

3. Do this process very carefully. Then holding the ends of the mouth and nose, slowly pull up and down two or four times.

4. After this, it should be done in the same way with the other nostril.

5. This action should be done after one day.  

Benefits of doing Sutra Neti Kriya –

There are two types of neti, water neti and sutra neti. Through both these nets, the nostrils are made clean and the breath is made smooth, by doing this our body gets many benefits, which is like this, by the practice of this action, the nasal passages are cleaned.  Very beneficial in allergies of tonsils and nose. It stops early cold or excessive sneezing. Along with this, there is no disease of ear, nose, teeth, throat etc. and the eyesight also becomes sharp.

By doing this, there is no complaint of cold and cough.   When we do this action, the heaviness and stress of our mind goes away, due to which our mind remains calm, light and healthy. When we do this action, our nasal passages are cleaned and we do not have to face diseases of our ears, nose, teeth, throat etc. By doing this, our eyesight becomes sharp. When we do this action continuously, we do not have complaints of cold, cold and cough. This action proves to be very beneficial for our entire body.

Precautions in Sutra Neti Kriya like this –

Especially the nails of the fingers of the hands should be cut, otherwise there may be injury in the throat. Women should not do this in pregnancy. Heart patients or slip disc patients should not do it. Do not do it in serious diseases related to nose. Do it under the guidance of a yoga teacher.

It is difficult to perform this action, so whenever we do it, first of all we should practice it with neti made by rubber. Whenever we are doing this, then this action should not be hasty. Because doing it with haste can cause damage to our nose. Whenever we want to do this action, a few drops of pure desi ghee should be put in the nose at night.


Tratak Kriya

Tratak Kriya – Tratak plays an important role in making the practice of concentration mature. Tratak means to gaze at a certain object while sitting on a certain seat. There are many types of Tratakas. Among them

  1. Bindu Tratak
  2. Murti Tratak
  3. Deepjyoti Tratak  

Apart from these, the description of Pratimbh Tratak, Surya Tratak, Tara Tratak, Chandra Tratak etc. also comes in the scriptures.

Complete Method of Tratak Kriya :

One who has the treasure of penance of concentration, that yogi can attain both Riddhi-Siddhi and Self-realization. Those who have become famous in the society by their great deeds, in their lives also, there has been a spiritual practice of concentration knowingly or unknowingly. The great inventions of science are also the result of the austerity of this concentration.

Tratak Kriya

Tratak Kriya plays an important role in making the practice of concentration mature. Tratak means to gaze at a certain object while sitting on a certain seat. There are many types of tratakas. Among them Bindu Tratak, Murti Tratak Kriya and Deepjyoti Tratak Kriya are prominent. Apart from these, the description of Pratimbh Tratak, Surya Tratak Kriya, Tara Tratak Kriya, Chandra Tratak Kriya etc. also comes in the scriptures. 

Tratak Kriya Method :

Sit in front of a candle in a meditative posture. Keep the candle at about an arm’s distance from you with the wick of the candle at your chest height. If the candle is placed too high, it can create tension in the center of your eyebrows or irritate the eyes. The flame should be constant and it should never be too low. Close your eyes. Repeat your mantra in the mind as you do in the meditation posture.

Open your eyes and look at the flame without blinking. There are three degrees of color in the flame. The wick is reddish on the underside, bright white in the middle and slightly hazy at the top. Concentrate the sight on the upper part of the flame where it is brightest.

Close the eyes again. If the image of flame is visible within, then concentrate on that image without any tension. Do not make any attempt to go after the statue or to get hold of it. Otherwise it will start to blur and disappear.

Tratak Kriya

Repeat this exercise three times.

Gradually increase the practice time. In the initial stages, look at the flame only for 10-15 seconds. Gradually increase this period, so that after about 1 year you can look at the flame for one minute and then with closed eyes you can concentrate on the inner image for about 4 minutes. It is recommended that this time limit should not be extended under any circumstances.

One can also practice Tratak by looking at a white dot on a black paper or looking at a black dot on a white paper. When one focuses his eyes on a white dot, he sees it as a black image when his eyes are closed and it is reversed when there is a black dot.

Benefits of Tratak Kriya / Miracles of Tratak :

  • The eyesight gets brighter.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Concentration increases.
  • Help reduce anger.
  • bring back the lost light
  • The complaint of insomnia ends.
  • There is an increase in the functionality of the brain.
  • Gets peace of mind.
  • Gets relief from headache, migraine etc.

Caution :

  • The observance of celibacy is very important in Tratak sadhna. The accumulation of power is the practice.
  • Take a good bath. Because it is necessary to purify the body properly.
  • Special care has to be taken of the eyes.
  • Keep cleaning the eyes regularly in the morning, afternoon and evening with lukewarm water.
  • Thoughts should be pure.
  • Never have negative thoughts.
  • There should be control in the diet.
  • Spicy things should not be eaten spicy.
  • Tratak should be done every day at the fixed time only.
  • Pranayama should be done before starting the practice of Tratak.
  • Do not force your eyes while practicing Tratak.
  • Be it any tratak, if you have started it then definitely do it for at least 1 month.
  • There should neither be too much light nor too much darkness in the room.
  • The atmosphere at the time of tratak practice should be calm.
  • To make the atmosphere of the room fragrant, you can apply a habitual incense stick.
  • There should not be much uniformity in the room.
  • The room should be very clean.
  • You can practice Tratak sitting on a mat.

Disadvantages of Tratak Kriya :

Disadvantages of Tratak Kriya In the practice of Tratak, your mind will wander many times. You will get lost in many kinds of thoughts. You have to engage your mind in Tratak sadhna by any means. Nothing happens with eyes alone.

Benefits of Surya Tratak :

According to Indian Yoga Shastra, it is considered appropriate to use shining light for this. There is a law to use the natural light bodies like sun, moon, Tratak Kriya etc.   The light of the sun is very intense. There is a loss in seeing it with open eyes, so Surya Tratak Kriya can be done only by meditation. Not with open eyes. Almost the same thing is with respect to the Moon as well. Its light is not as sharp as the sun, yet according to ophthalmology, it is harmful to keep looking at any light continuously.

This fundamental difference has come to the fore between ancient beliefs and modern research. Physicists do not accept the fact of constantly looking at tears with open eyes and say that it is harmful. There are many difficulties in doing Tratak sadhna by making stars as medium of light. The stars come out only at night.

They are not visible even at night when there is cloud, fog, mist, smoke. Only those who have open sky can take advantage of seeing the stars. They can be seen lying down or diagonally, whereas in sadhanas there is a law to keep the spine straight.

If the time of convenience for the seeker is during the day, then where will the stars be found? Then how many stars are there? For tratak, only one point of light is needed, when there are many points, the vision wanders. In view of all these reasons, even if it is possible to talk about the Sun: Moon stars.

In practice, all three of them are inappropriate. If these are to be used, then after seeing them for a second, one should immediately close the eyes and then practice concentration on the light through meditation.  

Tratak Kriya

The use of lamp is more appropriate in the practice of Tratak Kriya. The use of Dhrit Deep has been considered more appropriate in many respects. But it must be pure, pure oil is better than adulterated or fake ghee. Candles can also be used. Low power colored bulbs can also serve this purpose.   Whichever of these devices is to be used, it should be kept at a distance of four to ten feet from the chest.

There should be a black, blue or green curtain behind or the wall should be painted with these colors. There should be minimum objects around the light, otherwise attention will be scattered towards them.   Early morning is the best time for Tratak Kriya. Thus it can be done at night also. Due to the spread of sunlight during the day, this sadhna is not done properly. If it is to be done during the day, then dark room has to be arranged.  

For meditation, the waist should be straight, hands should be seated in the dock, keeping the pedestal properly. There should not be any obstacles in the environment that create disturbance in the mind like suffocating deodorant, flies, mosquitoes. Starting this exercise in ten minutes, increasing it one minute at a time, can be extended to a maximum of half an hour in a couple of months.

No more than this should be done.  One should look at the light with the open eye for two to five seconds and the eyes should be closed.

At the place where the lamp is burning, at the same place, one should try to see that light with the eyes. After a minute, the eyes should be opened again and after seeing the light with the previously opened eyes for a few seconds, the eyes should be closed again.

In this way, opening the eyes with an interval of one minute and seeing for a few seconds, then closing the eyes and meditation should be done again and again at the same place.  

Minutes and seconds cannot be accurately determined in that situation. There is no such condition to be able to use the watch. One has to rely only on guesswork. The correctness of the conjecture at different times can be practiced with the help of a clock.

The rough premise is that when the vision of the light starts to fade after closing the eyes, then an effort should be made to open the eyes and see the light in order to revive the memory. Usually, after opening the eyes, when the eyelids are closed, then the light in meditation is more clear. Slowly it becomes hazy. It is necessary to see the light with an open eye only to be able to sate it again. The brain structure of every human being is different.

A one-time direct vision of someone keeps a glimpse of light in meditation for a long time. One’s memory quickly fades. One should observe the situation himself and determine the sequence of opening and closing the eyes as soon as possible or after a while. The aim is that during the sadhana period of Tratak, the meditative role should be continuously illuminated by the light of light.

The process of opening and closing the eyes should be adopted for the purpose of removing the blur.   The purpose of tratak is not to worship the lamp, but to create intensity in the meditative role, so that on the basis of contemplation, it is possible to have a clear view of the light point of the deity.

No meditative image emerges clearly in the slow and blurred thinking process. Images are not clear. Then an important way of concentration gets blocked. In such a condition, Shabdyoga done with Nadayoga etc. and Bindu Yoga done on the basis of Dhyana Dharana, none of them is successful. Then, by looking at the visible images, coarse measures are used to stop the stampede of the mind in the gross measures like singing kirtan and listening satsang.

The tongue process of chanting and recitation continues to be completed, but due to the absence of meditation, the rasa does not arise in them. The more success is achieved by Tratak Kriya in making the system of thinking intensified, the more the spiritual practices done for spiritual progress become easy and successful. Ask Tratak Kriya – Dhyana Yoga is considered to be the first process.  



Dhauti Kriya

Dhauti Kriya – Dhauti is the normal process of purification of the body. In Gheranda Samhita, Dhauti has been considered of four types, i.e. Dhauti, Ant Dhauti, Dant Dhauti, and Moolshodhana. Through this yogis make their bodies clean.

What is Dhauti Kriya? :

Dhauti is a major method of Shatkarma. This method is also known as Gaja-karna. Gaj is called elephant. When the elephant gets a boil in its stomach, then it inserts its trunk deep into its (oesophagus) cervix and throws out the things inside the stomach. In this way we have got this method from nature itself. This method relieves nausea when there is excessive acidity in the stomach or when you have eaten something indigestible or bad. This method is also able to remove food counter-energy (allergy) and Asthma.

Dhauti Kriya

Method of Jal Dhauti or Kunjal Kriya :

Mix one tea spoon of salt in two liters of hot water (400 centigrade). Stand up straight and drink all the water from one glass after another rapidly. Lean forward a bit. Press the lower part of the stomach with the left hand and insert the ring finger and middle (right hand) fingers deep into the throat. Also, take out the tongue so that the vomit comes. All the water comes out again in half a minute.

This method can be repeated every week or twice a week and it is best to do it early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Advantage of Jal Dhauti or Kunjal Kriya :

  • It has beneficial effect on high acidity
  • anti-energy and asthma. 
  • It also destroys the odour (of the breath)

Caution : Do not practice it if you have high blood pressure or Glaucoma.

Method of Sutra Dhauti Kriya :

In this method of purification of stomach, a three meter long, 10 cm wide strip of cotton is required. This technique should be first practiced under the guidance of a teacher of “Yoga in Daily Life”.

Advantage of Sutra Dhauti Kriya :

Like Dhauti, this method also purifies the stomach and helps in removing hyperacidity. It purifies the upper respiratory tract and thus removes asthma, dust and pollen allergies.

Type of Dhauti Kriya :

Eight types of dhautis have been described for the purification of the body.

  1. Antara Dhauti kriya
  2. Dental Dhauti kriya
  3. Jihavaarshodhan Dhauti kriya
  4. Karnarandhr Dhauti kriya
  5. Kapalandhra Dhauti kriya
  6. Heart Dhauti kriya
  7. Dand Dhauti kriya
  8. Vaman Dhauti Kriya
  9. Varsan Dhauti Kriya (Clothing Dhauti)
Dhauti Kriya

1. Antara Dhauti Kriya :

There are four types of exercises in it.

(i) Pulling the air in through the mouth and expelling it through the anus.

(ii) Cleaning the stomach by filling it with water.

(ii) To increase the fire element in the abdomen by continuously moving the navel region back and forth in the body.

(iv) Cleansing the large intestine by taking it out of the body through the anus.

In fact, purification is very necessary to make the body and mind free from disorder. Various diseases also take birth in the state of impurity. Antara Dhauti means – Antara means inner yaar inner and Dhauti is the work of Dhoonar i.e. inner cleanliness is used in the form of inner cleanliness. There are four types of end Dhauti.

Dhauti means internal cleaning it is done in four ways. The literal meaning of Dant Dhauti is the cleaning of the head region. The meaning of heart is Dhauti. Cleansing of the heart region. Cleansing of esophagus and lungs etc. is done through heart dhauti. The cleaning of the anus, large intestine, urine, ducts i.e. root part is known as Mool Shodana. All these actions are called Dhauti.

(a) Vaartasaarr Antara Dhauti :-

There is a method of rejuvenating the stomach by drinking air from the mouth. This action is also done in Bhujangini mudra. Air is rotated in the stomach for some time. After that the air is slowly exhaled while taking a yawn. Many abdominal diseases are cured by this practice.

Varta means air means Vayu and Sarra means element meaning the purification of the inner being from the Vayu element and Vartasarra is the main objective of Antdhauti. Maharishi Gherand has given the following method of Vartasarr Dhauti in Gherand Samhita. Kakkkshchu Vadarsayaran Pibeddharyum slowly, that is, drink Vaaryu slowly by closing both the lips like a crow’s beak. After it is completely consumed, circulate it in the stomach and then remove that air.

Process –

  • First of all, sit in a habitual meditation posture
  • Keep the waist, head and neck straight.
  • Make a crow’s beak shape from the mouth.
  • Slowly try to fill the stomach while sharing the air.
  • When the stomach is filled with full “Vars” then loosen the body and rotate the air in the abdomen.
  • Slowly “pull out the warts from both nostrils.

Advantage –

  • By this secret action the body becomes pure.
  • It removes Kapha dosha.
  • Destroys all diseases.
  • Increases digestion power and also accelerates the gastritis.
  • Amlar is very beneficial in Pitta.

Precautions –

  • Always do this activity on an empty stomach.
  • This exercise should be done maximum five times only.
  • Older person weak person should not do this exercise.
  • If a heart patient or any major operation has taken place, then that person should not do this exercise.

(b) Heiresar Antara Dhauti :-

Varri means water and sarr means element. In this dhaut, the purification of the heart is done from the water element, so it is known as Varrisar antha dhauti.

Process –

  • This action is also called conch shell.
  • Take lukewarm water in a bucket and add salt as per taste.
  • First of all, drink two glasses of lukewarm water, then do the following five asanas at a quick pace. Tardarsana • Tilak Tardarsana • Katara Chakrasana • Tiriyak Bhujgarsan • Uttrakhana
  • Then again do the above asanas after drinking 2 gillars parni.
  • Keep repeating those actions until there is an urge to defecate. (5) After drinking 10-15 glasses of water, when the above action is done, take rest.

Note – 

The description of the above compound action is going on for you to study only. Do this action only under efficient guidance.


  • This is the most important process of purification of the body, its main benefits are-
  • By this action, all the digestive institutions are cleaned.
  • The waste material (faeces) is completely removed in the body.
  • Deity body is attained by this action.
  • The yogi continues to become divine, radiant, vivacious like a deity.
  • Reduces obesity and body becomes light.

Caution –

  • Always do this exercise under the advice of a skilled, yoga guru.
  • In high blood pressure heart disease, this practice is done with fennel water under proper guidance.
  • Pregnant women, persons suffering from harm should not do this practice at all.
  • Thin khichdi should be consumed after the practice and from the first day itself.
  • Since the body becomes delicate due to Varrisara dhauti (conch shell prakshalan). Therefore, do not take any allopathic medicines for 40 days.

(c) Agnisarr Antara Dhauti :-

You will be well aware of the word Agni and Sarr means element, since this practice increases the gastritis and increases the digestion process, so it is called Agnisarr Anthar Dhauti.


  • Sit in Vajrasana, Ardhapadmarsana or Simharsana.
  • Keep the spine in a straight line.
  • Twist both the hearts and keep them in the knees.
  • Opening the mouth, take out the tongue and take out the whole “wars.”
  • “By stopping the warts out, move the stomach in and out quickly. Efforts should be made that the umbilical region should be on the surface.
  • After a few moments of rest, repeat this action again under proper guidance.


  • Destroys digestive disorders.
  • Makes the abdominal muscles strong.
  • Regulates the digestive juices by accelerating the gastritis.
  • Beneficial in the introverted state of depression in mental disorders.
  • The spiritual benefits of yoga are also helpful in Kundalini awakening.

Caution –

  • In fact, all the activities of yoga have to be done on an empty stomach. So do not do it after meals.
  • Highly charred and heart patients should avoid this practice at all.
  • It is forbidden for ulcer, loss, asthma patients.
  • According to the physical capacity, do it only under the instruction of the Guru.

(d) Bahishkrt Antara Dhauti :-

Bahishkrit is used in the sense of giving up or withdrawing. In this dhauti, the residual air from the heart is expelled through the anus. Maharishi Gherand says in Gherand Samhita 1/21 – that is, fill the stomach with the lips similar to the beak of a crow while doing air-parsing through them. Remove that acquired air by holding it in the abdomen for half an hour (1) and circulating it from the underarms. This supreme secret is called Vaishkrit Dhauti.


  • This action cannot be done easily, do it under the supervision of a qualified teacher, otherwise there may be problems.
  • sit in a meditation posture
  • Keep both the hands on the knee.
  • Breathe the air slowly in kaki mudra (similar to covey’s beak).
  • Let the air circulate on the stomach for 1 hour. Finally take him out of the undercarriage.


  • Abdominal disorders are removed.
  • The body becomes lighter, radiant.
  • Kundalini power is beneficial in awakening.
  • Makes the breeding institute stronger.


The same person should do this exercise, who has practice to stop the war for 1 hour. Only a yogi can do this. Therefore special guidance is needed in this practice.

2. Dental Dhauti Kriya :

In general, you must be understanding the meaning of dante dhauti in the form of cleaning of teeth. But Dant-Dhauti has been used by Maharishi Gherand as the complete cleanliness of the top state. This is the type of dust.

(a) Dental Root Dhauti :-

Dant Mool means the root of the teeth and Dhauti means washing. That is, in this practice, the cleanliness of the root of the teeth is done.

Process –

  1. In ancient times, the method of making tooth powder has been described in Ayurveda.
  2. In addition to the toothpaste powder, pure clay (which is used in home dressing) or the juice of khardir (catechu) mixed with the soil, clean the roots of the teeth with the index finger.
  3. Then rinse with pure water.
  4. This activity can also be done in the morning and after the normal meal.

Benefit –

  • By doing this practice regularly, the teeth are cleaned, as well as the pieces of faecal food stuck in the teeth come out.
  • If there are blisters somewhere in the mouth, then the juice of Khardir also acts as a medicine.

Caution –

  • Whatever powder you are using (tooth brush, powder, clay) should be finely ground.
  • If there is pus, worms or holes in the teeth, then do this exercise only after Ayurvedic medicine therapy.

Special –

There is an inexpensive and simple process of making toothpaste. Make a coal by burning the rinds of barium in the fire, then make a powder of that coal and mix powder of pc long, rock salt, neem leaves in it. The use of this powder is also beneficial for the teeth.

3. Jihavaarshodhan Dhauti Kriya :

This process of cleaning the tongue is beneficial in increasing the length of the tongue and in many diseases.


This is a simple process, put butter in the tongue in tapping action. Plastic or steel tongue nibbles are available in the market. Tongue cleaning can also be done with it.

Profit –

  • This action increases the length of the tongue, due to which the clarity of the language remains.
  • Tapping of the tongue removes the mucus collected in the throat and warts.
  • With this, disease, old age and death can be driven away.
  • Khechari is beneficial in the achievement of money.


  • Do not do this exercise if you have blisters on your tongue.
  • Do not put your fingers in the mouth too much.
  • The nails must be cut, otherwise the dirt will go away and there may be injury in the larynx or mouth.

4. Karnarandhr Dhauti Kriya :

Since the process of the ear can be cleaned with this, hence it is called Karnandhra Dhauti.

Process –

  • Wet your index finger or your index finger.
  • After that put it inside the ear and rotate it, you can also use it by putting garlic in mustard oil to moisten the finger.

Benefit –

The ears are purified, there is a feeling of divine Narada, so it also has spiritual benefits.

Caution –

  • Do not do this action with the spleen of Machis.
  • The fingernails must be cut.

5. Kapalandhra Dhauti Kriya :-

Kapalandhra Dhauti means that the place on the head of the newborn child which feels faint, it cleanses that place. Hence it is called Kapalandhra Dhauti Dhauti.

Process –

The method of this Dhauti is clear, make a bowl with the right hand and fill it with water and gently pat it on the top region of Brahmarandhra.

Benefit –

  • Provides coolness in the brain, it is beneficial in cataract.
  • Far and near vision defects are removed.
  • It is beneficial in cough doshas, ​​cold and cough.
  • This dhauti is beneficial in high blood pressure.
  • Doing this exercise in summer gives coolness.


Special care is not required in this practice, yet its attempt is prohibited in winters. For young children to do this exercise, be sure to consult a yoga teacher.

6. Heart Dhauti Kriya :

heart and Dhauti means washing. This dhauti cleanses the heart region, food pipe and stomach, hence it is called Heart Dhauti.

7. Dand Dhauti kriya :

Dand means cold and Dhauti means wash In this Dhauti, the inner region is cleaned with the cold of the soft part of turmeric, banana.

Process –

  • Traditionally, soft parts of banana, cane or turmeric are taken for punishment, but in modern times, rubber sticks are also available in the market. Boil well before using Dand Dhauti.
  • First of all, drink 4-5 glasses of clean water (salty).
  • Slowly open the mouth of rubber, turmeric, cane (whichever is available) and pour it till the stomach.
  • Then lean forward a little, all the water will start coming from the front end of the bar.
  • After that, slowly take out the punishment and spit out phlegm, bile, mucus, whatever comes out with it.

Benefit –

  • The expulsion of Kapha, Pitta, Kleda takes place by this action.
  • Acid pitta, this practice is beneficial in medicine.
  • Increases lung capacity, it is also beneficial in heart disease.

Caution –

Here, the description of Dand Dhauti has been done as a method only, not every person is eligible for this practice, do this practice only under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

8. Vaman Dhauti Kriya :

Vamana means to vomit.

Process –

  • First of all, without stopping, give 5/7/10 Glasses of lukewarm salty water as desired.
  • Then get up and put the index, middle and Ring fingers till the neck and Vomit.
  • Take the fingers again inside the mouth, Repeat this action until the stomach is Empty.

Benefit –
1. Cleanses the vision and makes it free from disorder.
2. Removes phlegm, bile, cleaved.
3. Atrin is beneficial in acidity.
4. Asthma patient gets benefit due to purgation of Kapha.

Caution –

  1. The water should be clean and lukewarm with salt.
  2. The nails of the hand should be completely cut.
  3. Do not do this exercise in loss and back Pain.

9. Varsan Dhauti Kriya (Clothing Dhauti) :

Varsan means the cleaning of the parchan institution is done from it with a strip of cloth. That’s why it is called cloth Dhauti.

Process –

  • Take a cotton cloth four fingers wide and 3-4 meters long.
  • Put it in a vessel (iron glass, bowl) and soak it.
  • Holding one end, swallow it slowly and drink clean water in between.
  • When the end end is left, then slowly take it out.

Benefit –

  • Kapha, Kleda is Expelled.
  • This action is a panacea for the asthmatic patient.
  • Useful in air disorders, fever, skin diseases.
  • Abdominal ailments are removed. The gastritis increases.

Moolashodhan –

The root area i.e. the root part of the body, the anus, gets cleaned by this practice.

Process –

Applying ghee from the soft root of turmeric or on the ring finger, putting turmeric root in the anus area is suitable because it is antiseptic, repeat this action two to four times.

Benefit –

  • Strengthens the excretory system, by this action the blood circulation in the direction of the pulse and cells is accelerated.
  • This practice is beneficial in constipation.
  • Apana balances the air.
  • This dhauti also provides benefits in diseases of the digestive system. 

Caution –

  • Cut off finger nails.
  • Patients of piles should be very careful while putting their fingers in the root region.
  • Do this exercise only under the advice of a qualified guru.