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 Bharatiya Sanskriti, Festival of Classical Indian Culture



Official webpage of NIOS, the North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies.

For more contact you may currently call our esteemed Secretary, Thanu Subramaniam, at (615) 599-8424 or write to our office at 304 Astor Way; Franklin, TN 37064; USA.

NIOS is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational corporation with the goal of studying and encouraging the study of classical literature for the purpose of building a better future.
It was founded 12 January 2004 and boasts participation from scholars from India, South and North America and Europe.
Its first major endeavor was the Bharatiya Sanskriti, Festival of Indian Classical Culture, which was accomplished for three years in co-operation with San Marcos University in Lima, Peru, the oldest university in the Western Hemisphere.

Among its varied efforts, central is the current project to develope curricula for Master and Doctorate diplomas in World Classical Literature.

If you would like to receive information on these developments and events and publications organized or approved by NIOS then please write or call us.

Specific to the classical curricula developement is LIGHT OF THE BHAGAVATA -  Cultivation of the Human Spirit. For more information on this excellent program visit our site at:


Thank you,
Hanumatpresaka Swami
(Professor Huber Hutchin Robinson)
General Secretary, NIOS



Seventh - Intefaith Interdisciplinary dialog 13th September 2008


2008 Lima, Peru   --   NIOS/San Marcos Festival Video





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