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 Bharatiya Sanskriti, Festival of Classical Indian Culture


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 Bharatiya Sanskriti  III

Third Festival of Classical Indian Culture

11-14th October 2007   -   Lima, Peru



San Marcos University

NIOS (North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Culture)

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 This year’s Festival will be the culmination of three years of planned co-operation between San Marcos University, NIOS and many other scientific, academic, cultural and religious organizations. 

 Although the main events will occur between 11th and 14th of October other events have and will take place.  The theme of this year’s epoch making Festival is Cultivation of the Human Spirit.

 1. Call for Papers and Participants

In co-ordination with following Calendar interested scholars are invited to Submit Papers for presentation at the Festival and inclusion in the Publications.  Please see our Web-page for current details:


Persons interested in traveling to Peru and joining the events can see the Calendar below and our Web-page for current events:



2. Preliminary Calendar

Pre/Post Events  -  An exhibition of the Art and Verses from Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami’s  Light of the Bhagavata with the exquisite art of Madam Li Yeng Sheng’s Gongbi style is planned at the Peruvian National Museum from 1st – 21st of October.   The exhibit will then travel throughout Peru. 

Cultural/Recreational Tours  -  Lima city tours and dinning during the Festival are being organized and 15th to 22nd October travel to include Cuzco and Macchu Picchu, the mystical capitols of the Inca Empire,. 


Central Event   -   Lima, Peru

Thursday, 11th October

Daytime  -   Chosika. Academic and Cultural events with the Peruvian National University of Education, La Cantuta, content to be announced. 

Evening   -   Symposium on Indian Youth, Classical Values in Our Warped World, to be moderated by Gita Ashram, Sriman Kishore Gupta. Limited participation. Please contact organizers.

Friday, 12th October

Morning   -   San Marcos Campus.  The Sad-sandarbhas of Srila Jiva Goswami. (A summary of the Sandarbhas can be found at papers.mht).

    -Sessions One & Two (45-minutes each)  -  Prof. Ravi Gupta, Oxford and Centre Universities: The general historical and indological perspectives on the Sandarbhas and,  Their first contents, a classical Indian epistemology, the concepts of pramana, evidence, sruti, deductve logic and veda, infallible basis for deduction, comments, questions and answers.

    -Session Three (45-minutes)  -  Swami Hanumatpresaka, Professor Miguel Polo: Other classical systems in comparison and contrast such as Buddhism, Epistemology of Science, Christianity.

   Session Four (45-minutes)  -  Round table discussion.

Lunch Break   -   (Small Individual Discussions)

Evening   -   Peruvian National Library.  Peru as an Essential Agent for a Renaissance of the Classical Spirit.

    -Invited, Ambassador of India, President of CONCYTEC (National Science and Technology Curriculum Committee), Director IECCO (Institute for Classical Oriental and Occidental Studies).

Dinner  -  Enlightening Sample of Traditional Indian Cooking.

Saturday, 13th October

Morning   -   San Marcos University.  CLASSICAL LITERATURE: The Everlasting Refuge of the Human Spirit.

   -Session One (45-minutes)  -  Dr. R. P. Singh, President International Hindi Association: Professor Kunvar Chandra Prakash Singh his life and classical Hindi literature.

   -Session Two and Three (45-minutes each)  -  Prof. Ravi Gupta:  Srimad Bhagavatam the Ripened Fruit of the Tree of Vedic Literature, Concluding the Tattva-sandrbha.

Lunch Break  -  (Small Individual Workshops)

Evening  -  Grand Salon, Hotel El Sol del Oro, Lima.  “Light of the Bhagavata – Peruvian Reflections”.   An elegant dinner and cultural event with many exquisite, unforgettable, items including premier of original Peruvian music and slide shows from the Bhagavata culminating in the premier of Director Oscar Natar’s original movie conceived and sponsored for this third BHATI festival.

Sunday, 14th October

All Day  -   Chosika, the ISKCON Radha-Krishna Temple.  A Taste of the  Classical Religious and Cultural Life of India.  A display of architecture, art, dress, elaborate ceremonies, good food and good music, exaltation of the human spirit.




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