Nauli Kriya

Nauli Kriya is the fourth action of purification of Shatakarmas. In this action that increases gastric fire, the abdominal muscles are massaged and the activity of the abdomen increases. Nauli Kriya is beneficial in stomach related diseases and intestinal problems. There are many benefits of doing Nauli Kriya. It strengthens the digestive system, removes the problem of indigestion and increases appetite.

Nauli Kriya

Table of Contents

  1. What is Nauli Kriya? :
  2. How to do Nauli Kriya? :
  3. Types of Nauli Kriya :
  4. Benefits of Nauli Kriya :
  5. Practise of Nauli Kriya :
  6. Practise like this for a few days.

What is Nauli Kriya? :

In Nauli Kriya, the muscles of the central part of the abdomen are operated like a churn. This action is definitely a bit difficult, but with constant practice you can do it well, while doing Nauli Kriya, your eyes should be towards the stomach.

Kundalini awakening occurs due to excessive practice of Nauli Kriya, hence Nauli Kriya is also called Shaktichalini. On full practice of Nauli Kriya, a powerful yogic force spreads in the body, through which Basti Kriya and Shankh Prakshalan are proved. And the body starts glowing clean and radiant without disorder.

In the beginning, doing Nauli Kriya may seem a bit difficult, so you can practice Agnisara Kriya instead of Nauli Kriya, but if the seeker wants spiritual experience then he must learn Nauli Kriya. So let’s know the method of doing Nauli Kriya.

How to do Nauli Kriya? :

  1. To perform this action, sitting in the position of Padmasana, keeping both the knees pressed with both hands, keep the body straight.
  2. After this, take the breath out and pull it inwards keeping the abdominal muscles loose.
  3. Now, keeping the muscles loose, move the stomach to the right and left. Due to this, any kind of dirt does not remain in the stomach and Apanavayu comes under control.

Types of Nauli Kriya :

Kinds of Four Types of Nauli Kriya –

1- Uddiyana Bandha

2- Vamannauli

3- Dakshin Nauli

4- Madhyama Nauli

  1. Uddiyana Bandha – Pulling the navel in by forcefully expelling the air from the mouth is called Uddiyana Bandha.
  2. Vamannauli – When Uddiyana Bandha is fully engaged, release the muscles in the middle of the abdomen. These abdominal muscles will look like a long tube. Move them to the left.
  3. Dakshin Nauli – After that take it to the right.
  4. Madhyama Nauli – Keep it in the middle and churn the muscles by moving rapidly from right to left and from left to right. Do this as long aso you can do it easily.

Benefits of Nauli Kriya :

  1. Nauli strengthens the abdominal muscles
  2. Massages the intestines and lower abdominal organs.
  3. it regulates blood pressure
  4. Possesses protective dietary effect against diabetes.
  5. This acid is helpful in curing colic and skin diseases (acne).
  6. Nauli is one of the best exercises for our health with a positive effect on the entire digestive system and removing blockages.
  7. Many diseases have their origin in our digestive system: headaches, skin diseases, sometimes even cancer.

Practise of Nauli Kriya :

Nauli is a powerful exercise for regenerating , invigorating and stimulating the abdominal viscera and the Gastrointestinal or Alimentary system. For the Practice of Nauli, you should have a good practice of Uddiyana Bandha. Stand, legs a foot apart and rest your hands on the thighs with a slight curve of the back. Do a strong and forcible expiration through the mouth and keep the lungs Completely empty . Contract and forcibly draw the abdominal muscles toward s the back . This is Uddiyan a Bandha .

This is the first stag e of Nauli –
Then let loose the centre of the abdomen an dcontract the left and right side of the abdomen. You will have all the muscles in the centre in a vertical line. This is called Madhyam a Nauli. Keep it as long as you can retain in the position comfortably . Then you can Release the muscles and inhale .

This is the second stage of Nauli –
After some practice, contract the right side o f the abdomen and let loose the left side free. You will now have all the muscles on the left side only. This is called Vamana Nauli . Again contract the left side an d let loose the right side.

This is Dakshina Nauli . By such gradual practice, you will Understand how to Contract the muscles of the Central, left and right side of the abdominal muscles from side to side .

Practise like this for a few days.

Then draw the muscles in the Centre. Slowly move them to the right side and then to the left side in a Circular way.
Do this several times from the right to left and then do it in a reverse way from the left to right side. You should move
the muscles always with a circular motion slowly.

When you advance in the practice you can do it quickly. This last stage of Nauli will appear like ‘Churning’ when the abdominal muscles are isolated and rotated from side to side.
When Nauli is demonstrated by advanced students, you will be surprised to observe the movements of the abdominal
muscles. It will look as if an engine is working in the abdominal factory.

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