Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha – Pitta is a yellow colored fluid in our body which aids in digestion and is related to body heat. Pitta is a type of digestive juice. Where the pitta duct leaves the liver and joins the intestine.

Table of Contents

  1. Pitta Dosha | What is Pitta Dosha?
  2. Pitta Dosha | Characteristics of people with Pitta Dominant nature :
    1. Pitta Dosha | Metabolism :
  3. Pitta Dosha | Persons of pitta prakriti can fall prey to these diseases :
      1. Let’s look at an example of a pitta stimulated:
  4. Characteristics of Pitta Dosha :
  5. Physical examination of Pitta Dosha
  6. Symptoms of unbalanced Pitta
    1. cause of imbalance of doshas
  7. Why is pitta unbalanced?
  8. Physical problems due to pitta imbalance
      1. behavioral problems 

Pitta Dosha | What is Pitta Dosha?

Pitta dhatu also protects the body from any infection occurring in the body. In this post, we will know the symptoms of a pitta-dominant person and what diseases can arise if pitta becomes unbalanced. It is also very important to understand the difference between a “pitta dominant person” and a “pitta imbalance”.

Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha | Characteristics of people with Pitta Dominant nature :

  • height – medium
  • Body build – delicate
  • chest – medium
  • Muscular veins – medium
  • Muscle – moderate predominance
  • Mole – many
  • Skin color – bluish or brownish
  • Skin – warmer, softer, less wrinkled,
  • Hair – thin, red, silky, early graying
  • eyes – medium

Pitta Dosha | Metabolism :

Pitta predominant persons are more affected by pitta doshas and digestive disorders. These defects are congenital. So they cannot be changed, they can only be balanced. An increased defect can be reduced and a decreased defect can be increased. When the doshas are disrupted and unbalanced, the following symptoms and signs are seen in them –

Pitta Dosha | Persons of pitta prakriti can fall prey to these diseases :

  • peptic ulcers
  • gastric
  • intestinal ulcer
  • skin rashes
  • Eye weakness due to deficiency of Vitamin A
  • Heartburn due to acidity
  • hair loss (baldness)
  • heart attack due to stress
  • introspection

Let’s look at an example of a pitta stimulated:

A person was in the habit of drinking coffee ten to twelve times a day. He used to eat in small quantities and at irregular intervals. Along with this, he used to live under stress during his work. As a result, he developed gastric ulcer and doctors advised him to undergo an operation. Before undergoing the operation,

he decided to try Ayurvedic treatment and was advised by an Ayurvedic doctor to take rest, a diet made from milk and foods that pacify pitta. He was advised to give up the habit of irregular eating, stay away from coffee and alcohol as well as take physical and mental rest. As a result, he got relief and there was no chance of getting an operation.

Generally, on the basis of interrogation of the person, his nature is determined, as well as it depends on the physical examination. Inquiry – is given in part (a). The numbers all depend on the answer to the question. Physical examination is mentioned in part (b). For this also the numbering is done in the same way.

Characteristics of Pitta Dosha :


  • How to do a work – Moderately
  • get excited – moderately
  • Power to accept new things – fast
  • Memory- Moderate
  • appetite, digestion – good
  • The amount of food you consume – more
  • What kind of taste do you like – sweet, bitter, hard
  • What does thirst feel like – more
  • What type of food do you prefer hot or cold?
  • What type of drink do you prefer – Cold
  • Have regular or irregular bowel movements – twice a day
  • What is the condition of constipation – thin stool
  • What sweats – easily
  • sexual desire – moderate
  • How many children – two or three
  • What is good sleep – less, but good sleep
  • Do you dream everyday – Sometimes, Violent, Horror
  • State of speech- the habit of speaking with anger, irritability
  • Mode of conversation – fast and clear
  • Walking Mode – At a moderate pace, applying pressure to the ground
  • Movements of feet, hands, eyebrows during work = Simultaneously

Physical examination of Pitta Dosha

Part B:

  • Face – white, flushed, delicate
  • Visible ribs of chest – medium, but fatty
  • belly – medium
  • Eyes – piercing, sharp eyelids, brown, copper-coloured,
  • White eye color – yellowish, reddened
  • tongue-copper
  • Teeth – average, but yellow
  • lips – copper colored
  • Body Composition – Medium
  • Body Weight- Moderate, Normal
  • Physical strength – strong, average
  • body – soft
  • hair on body
  • Body odor – unpleasant odor in the armpits
  • Body movement – right and fast
  • Skin colour- fair and reddish
  • Skin nature – soft, mole and rash
  • Skin moisture – slightly oily
  • Skin temperature—low, sometimes hot, forehead
  • loose joint
  • footprints – indeterminate
  • Nails – less oily, copper colored
  • Hands – moist, copper colored
  • Eyes – red due to hot bath, sunlight and anger

Symptoms of unbalanced Pitta

  • Anger
  • Tension
  • excess of acidity in the body
  • excess gastric fluid – gastritis
  • discomfort in the esophagus
  • body burn
  • Headache and burning in feet and palms
  • nose bleed
  • Dysuria
  • yellowing of nails

The origin of ulcers is mainly due to stimulation of bile. This happens in most of the cases. Ulcers can be cured with pitta reducing diet, complete rest and medicines. We will tell further remedies to pacify pitta.

cause of imbalance of doshas

The doshas become unbalanced due to changes in diet, physical activities and environment. The first powerful dosha is Vata. If Vata increases, it also causes imbalance in Pitta and Kapha.

When Pitta is balanced, the person is soft-tempered, cheerful, energetic and the owner of good health. Bile is nothing but digestive juice. Pitta balanced person eats plenty and remains healthy. When Pitta is imbalanced, acne and hair fall start on the face. Baldness begins at the age of forty or even earlier.Due to good appetite and digestion, the body grows out of proportion, due to which gastric ulcers, burning in the chest and heart related problems arise. All these disorders are caused by stress or pressure. Research has shown that Vata is imbalanced and combined with Pitta causes more problems, such as high blood pressure, hemiplegia, facial palsy and sciatica.

Why is pitta unbalanced?

  • Due to these things, pitta can become unbalanced in pitta-dominant persons.
  • getting out in the sun
  • working near a hot furnace
  • living in a warm climate
  • to be under stress and pressure
  • hot and spicy food
  • use more salt
  • consuming yeasty foods
  • sour food and be more ambitious

Physical problems due to pitta imbalance

  • ulcer
  • Acidity – hyperacidity (acidity)
  • sour body odor
  • hemorrhoid
  • Skin boils, rashes etc.
  • bad breath
  • extreme hunger
  • excessive thirst
  • heat stroke
  • heat stroke
  • red hot eyes

behavioral problems

  • Depression
  • irritability
  • Anger
  • Restlessness
  • lose your temper
  • always criticizing others
  • get into an argument

Imbalance in any of the doshas can cause any symptoms but these are common signs and symptoms of pitta imbalance. We will tell in the coming article how Pitta is balanced according to Ayurveda.

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