Parshvasana (Side Stretch Pose)

Parshvasana (Side Stretch Pose)Parshvasana Pose Side Stretch PoseParshvasana(pahrsh-VAH-suh-nuh)Modification: fingers interlocked, palms pressed togetherPose Type: standing, side bendDrishti Point: Nasagrai or Nasagre (nose), Urdhva or Antara Drishti (up to the sky) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Yasmina Navarro (@yasyoguini) Eka Hasta Parshvasana Pose Eka Hasta Parshvasana(EY-kuh HUH-stuh pahrsh-VAH-suh-nuh)Modification: one arm…

Parshvasana (Side Stretch Pose)

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